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With our concern for maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your house, our black mold removal service in Cape Coral, FL, is the finest option. Count on our mold treatment team to handle all your black mold needs!

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Identifying Black Mold

It's crucial to identify black mold in your home so that it can be treated effectively. Here are some characteristics that can help you recognize black mold.

Color: Although it can also be gray or brown, black mold typically has a dark green or black hue.

Texture: Black mold often has a slimy or fuzzy texture, depending on the surface it's growing on.

Odor: Black mold typically gives off a musty, earthy smell that is noticeable in affected areas.

Location: Basements, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms are places with high humidity. We typically find black mold in these locations.

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How Our Black Mold Removal Service Works

Our black mold removal service follows a simple process to make your home clean and safe again:

Inspection: We start by looking for any indications of black mold in your house. Wherever mold may be, we use specialized equipment to find it.

Removal: Our crew starts working on eliminating the mold as soon as we locate it. To ensure that the mold is completely removed, we use specific mold cleaning agents.

Prevention: After the mold is eradicated, we assist you in taking action to stop it from returning. We demonstrate how to ventilate and dry your home to prevent the formation of mold in the future.

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